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Luxury Travel Companion, Proxy Girlfriend, and Intimacy Counselor
Specializing in intimate, engaging, companionship, and long term connections

Name: Jen, but most know me as Jaycee or Ms. Rivers.  (Goddess is also acceptable)
  • To help inspire a relaxing environment while engaging in stress reducing techniques.
  • Building long term connections with interesting people
  • Helping to establish and build self-esteem for those in need
  • Creating an escape from the closed minded, every day, monotony that binds people to specific and unfortunate social constructs.
  • Guided self-exploration.
  • Advice and personal counseling on intimacy health
  • Relationship live action roleplaying (LARP)
  • Entertainment recommendations 
  • Socializing practice. Including intellectual discourse.
  • Unconventional stress relief
  • Guided tours of local restaurants and accommodations
  • Relationship advice
  • financial redistribution
  • Unlicensed therapeutic counseling.
Previous experience:
  • Modeling:  Though on paper it may not seem as if this
       previous occupation has anything to do with what I offer,
       it has a multitude of benefits that can enhance other
       skill sets.
  • 20 years of previous on the job experience
  • 14 years of artistic expression through dance
  • 15-20 years of on-the-job counseling 
  • intimate working knowledge of psychology and biology
  • Complex and thorough knowledge of KC and surrounding area's
  • Discretion
  • Intellectual discourse
  • compassionate personality enhanced by patience and understanding
  • Passport and travel ready
  • Semi trilingual (rough knowledge of Korean, and Spanish)
Want to learn more? 
Interested in taking those next steps? 
Start with the "Exploring Jaycee" section and then Proceed to the screening page. 
There is no financial obligation during the screening process.
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