Traditional and none traditional Sugar Daddy/Sugar baby arrangement possibilities

The Arrangement 

What do you get?

A monthly allowance is paid using the walmart bluebird card (they offer transfer from card to card) From there, you get priority booking.  You can choose as many dates in advance to be locked in as unmovable.  Instead of a set time holding us for our date, the clock is as loose as it can possibly get.  Evenings can range from a quick 2 hour meeting to a 8 hour evening.  For special events that time can be as flexible as 14-16 hours.  All packages are available to you without extra pay. (traveling and overnight packages would have to be discussed.)  You are welcomed to call/text/email as much as you like (within reason)  Contact outside of our dates is available to you.  Including just meeting up for a quick dinner.  Ideally the arrangement should be cost effective (save you money in the long run) and highlight the intimacy we share beyond the bedroom, not just in it.  Essentially, a relationship without any of the negatives.  No strings, no demands, no marriage and I will happily share you with other women.  In fact I may have a couple of recommendations!!!

What do I get?

A sense of security, a friend, a white knight.  Someone to share all of my depths and layers with.  You are more than "just a friend" you will become my confidante, someone I long to see when I have had a bad day. You are my truest and purest means of escape from the domestic and mundane.  You and I will go nice places, to shows, events, dinner.  As traditional in sugar arrangements, I would love to request the occasional shopping therapy or surprise gift.

The Cost?

Arrangements range from 2000-8000 a month

to be discussed based on what your special needs and desires are in regards to our arrangement.

Other costs likely include

-our private location


-associated costs with going out.

-Travel costs

Allowance must be made on the 1st of the month

How to proceed?

I request we see each other at least twice before we consider an arrangement.  When you are ready, I will send a discreet questionnaire to fill out.  Then... We negotiate the terms of our romantic contract!


This package is for those that want something more.  Less boundaries and time constraints.  I consider this package to offer the best of me, and the worst.  Because of the time spent together, I am less likely to be able to leave behind every negative trait.  I am always me, but in an arrangement I am completely wholly me.  There are twice the perks but they do come with the occasional disappointment.   For instance: Our date could end up canceled or postponed due to family illness, my illness, the arrival of monthly maintenance.  I am NOT a PSE experience so thoughts of marathon bedroom calisthenics are not viable. 

Allowances not made on time will terminate the arrangement.  Aggressive behavior can terminate the arrangement.  Putting me in any form of danger or pain will terminate the arrangement.

An Arrangement
Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby
3-15 dates a month

So what does it mean to keep me on retainer?

A perfect balance between an arrangement and a "regular"  This package strives to cut the cost a little for those that would like a little more time without breaking the bank.

Much like the arrangement a preset monthly allowance is made through a bluebird transfer.  You can choose your dates in advance or contact me last minute to see if I can get out to see you.  Our dates will likely average between 

2-4 hours long. Depending on the negotiated allowance you can have up to 6 dates in a month 

Unlike the arrangement, you are limited to the following packages

"Casual Affairs"


"Pajama date"

Unlike the arrangement, no shopping or gifts are requested.  Outside of special occasions our dates will not likely extend outside of our private location.  

I will do my utmost to always be at my best for this type of arrangement.  Much like the regular engagements I will try to leave the parts of me at home that are uncomplimentary.  You still get the real me, just all the best parts.

Estimated Cost

1400 - 2 dates a month up to 4 hours each

1700 - 3 dates a month up to 4 hours each

2000- 4 dates a month up to 4 hours each

2300- 5 dates a month up to 4 hours each

2600 -  6 dates a month up to 5 hours each

If you wish me to provide the location for our meetings, we split the cost fairly and evenly

There are no other costs associated with the retainer package

The same disclaimer for the arrangement applies here.  The only difference is your date has the possibility of roll over into the next month if it got canceled.

How do we proceed?

We need to have seen each other at least 4 times before I will consider a retainer package.  After that we can sit down and discuss exactly what you need and want so we can find the best fit.  The costs are estimated and I am willing to discuss your specific situation.

On Retainer
2-6 dates a month

News: Fully vaccinated.  Accepting select clientele, Donations have changed to reflect new laws and risks