New page rolled out

January 01, 2020

The recommendations page is now available for clients and members!  Each box shows you a visual representation and why I recommend you reach out and discover one of these amazing women (and occasionally men)

FM2Y (fly me to you!)

June 24, 2018

  • New!  For those that can't make it to kansas city, the opportunity to fly me to you is now live!  This is a wonderful way to maintain my current "low traffic" mantra, and yet, be able to reach the enthusiastically interested.                                                                                                                                    Though it is best that we have met before, it will be available for those that I have not met yet. (After a thorough screening)  

  • Becki AND trixxxie will be visiting KC in November.  Becki may also be visiting in October as well!

  • Weight has yet to stabilize. If soft and fluffy are a strong "no" for you.... I would strongly recommend you skip my waiting line.  Current stats are 39DDD-32-40

  • (related to above) I start aerial yoga in July!  Wish me luck!

  • New photoshoot scheduled for august.  Let's hope we don't have the same hiccups from the last 5 attempts to set up a photoshoot

  • (related to above) All current pictures are "selfies" and "candids"  At least until a professional photoshoot manages to happen.  To access these images you must have passed screening and been given access to the client pages.

New members Area's

May 04, 2018

New!  Members area's.  To gain access to the whole of the website you must have fully passed screening or have employed my services in the past year.  These has multiple purposes.  One of which denies unknown people from accessing my phone number.  Don't be alarmed, if I have seen you in the past 6 months, you automatically get instant access to all area's of the website! 

For more information, please see the members/clients page

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I am fully vaccinated and opening the door for prolonged engagements and FMTY options again