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Other Options

These optional packages are a little more unconventional or a touch more elaborate.  In some cases the package requires  an established connection.  If the package as conditions it will say so.

Some packages require we see each other before committing.  This way there is no disappointment and we can fully discuss concerns or interests.  These packages are not meant to increase my income but rather give you some options other than the basics.  My goal is to reward the friendship you have given me by finding ways to cut your costs, give myself security and allow us all to walk away happy.

The "Online only" Options
150 a week with regular gifts from my wish list or gift cards
To be combined with another package

Donations are subject to change, however, are non negotiable.  Donation is locked in at the time of appointment request.  Donations are the same where ever I am unless otherwise specified.  

Important Announcement!         Due to Covid-19 I am highly limiting engagements!  

Please see Investments and considerations for more information