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"One further addendum, that is the last time you get to call me whore"

Inara Serra - Firefly

The Rules of Engagement

There is a certain decorum I expect from the gentlemen that choose to contact me.

Should you decide to pursue an engagement with me, please read and consider the fallowing.


  • Do not be crude. It is extremely disrespectful to send me crude or demanding emails/texts/phone calls


  • Respect. Try to remember I am a person and not an object. I have desires, feelings, Interests and boundries. Crossing these boundries, no matter how you percieve me, is wrong.


  • Discussing financials. Any discussion about financials via email, phone, or text will be returned with silence.


  • Negotiations. Trying to negotiate my donation is rude. I appreciate we all have a budget. If my expectations do not fit in your budget I offer my sincere apologies, however trying to tell me that I am worth less will not help your cause.


  • Aggressive, dominant or abrasive behavoirs.  Do not become aggressive with me. I appreciate that everyone has their own personality traits and desires but I am not submissive in any way shape or form.


  • There are certain protections that are employed for all of our safety. Attempting to thwart these protections is both stupid and an extreme penetration of ones personal boundries. You may be willing to take the risk without understanding what you are risking, However you have no right at all to put me in a place where I am at risk.


  • Understand that for every hoop I am asking you to jump through I am jumping through three more to assure both of our saftey and comfort. Complaining about things such as screening and donations will not help the process at all.


  • I expect you to be a gentleman and treat me like a person.  Whether we are together in private or together in public.  It is humiliating to be treated like an object.  Sticking your hands down my top or up my skirt in public is demeaning.  Publicly shaming me by stating "I paid" is not only objectifying but mortifying as well. 


  • You have many choices in the providers you see. Each with their own skill sets and desires. Do your research. If even for a brief moment you feel as if I will not fit your desires do NOT book a date with me.



I do not expect you to be perfect. We all have those moments where our foot enters our mouth or nerves releases a bundle of words that suddenly are not quite what we had wanted to say in the first place. I can be very understanding. I am also extremely intelligent. If you think I am unaware, at any moment in time, what you are doing, then you sorely underestimate my intelligence.


Breech of conduct can cause a multitude of ramifications including but not limited to the termination of our contract and/or a report to the local ladies of mine AND your city of your transgressions.

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