Clients And Members

About Clients and Members pages

Client and member pages are designed to give you more information on  financial and time investments, as well as an extensive collection of  current visual representations. They will also provide a more comprehensive consultation on what is offered.

 If you are already a member or have seen me in the past, very little has changed.  So don't fret!  If I have seen you within the past 6 months you are welcome to email me for your instant membership!  Membership is permanent and does not require you to receive news letters or unsolicited emails.  You do not need to pay for membership.  Read on to learn more about how to attain access to The Client pages and/or Member pages.


These pages are designed to give you are more in depth look at investments, appreciation, and options available to you after screening.  You will find visual representations and even be able to access the my personal blog.  To gain access to the client pages, you must full go through the screening process and pass.  That is all!  
 These pages offer more visual information.  These pages will also include advice and unconventional options, and more contact options!  To gain access to the member pages, you just have to have a successful engagement once! .

Important Announcement!         Due to Covid-19 I am highly limiting engagements!  

Please see Investments and considerations for more information