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Please note: VIP Clients are exempt from deposits.  They can choose to do a deposit but are not required
Deposits are required upon booking NOT inquiry 


Refunds are not guaranteed and are subject to the situation.

Deposit Refunds

All engagements require a 25%-75% Deposit
For incall engagements of any size a 50% deposit is required. (Incall unavailable for 1st meetings)
For "fly my to you" engagements a 50 percent deposit is required. As well as any funds needed to book immediate transportation.  (hotel costs if I am booking it under my name as well)
Any package under 3 hours requires a 25 percent deposit
Deposits can be given .....
  • via giftcards (pre-approval required)
  • Paypal (pre-approval required)
  • amazon gift cards (pre-approval required)
You are welcome to suggest an option, however I will not take checks, credit cards, debit cards, cashiers checks
  • Cashapp
  • Venmo
All but 10% (or 100 dollars, whichever is cheaper)  of the deposit for the engagement booked is refundable.  This refund is for the deposit ONLY.

Refunds on FMTY and Vacations are subject to the ability to get a refund from the airfare and/or hotel.  Assuming neither have been booked or a full refund is possible on my end, you can choose to offer a 20%-50% cancellation fee to me after I have returned your deposit. 
If I can't cancel the flight or hotel AND you cancel more than 72 hours in advance, you don't owe me anything and I will return any and all of the deposit that DIDN'T go to the flight and hotel.  (you lose the hotel and airfare deposit)

Date termination request by myself 75% to 100% refund
Date termination request by client 15% to 50% refund 

Trip Refunds

In person or after the engagement has already started refunds.



Discounts and other incentives
Cancelation fee's must be paid before or during the next engagement.  If you choose to forgo paying the cancelation fee you will not be given a second opportunity or a good reference.
Charity Discount-  Any charity donation up to 100 dollars will receive an equal discount.  Must provide proof of charity donation.
                             Favorite Charities:
  • Saint Jude,
  • National military family association, 
  • Cancer Research NY,
  • Toys for tots,
  • Ronald McDonald house charities,
  • American foundation  for suicide prevention NY,
  • scholarship america Minneapolis
Remember, charity donations are tax deductible!!!
Established client birthday discount: add 30 minutes to our date as my birthday gift!
Established Client: We have seen each other at least 3 times a year for a minimum of 1 year.    50 dollar discount.
I also offer discounts for a viable trade.  Please inquire before initiating any purchase
  • 25-50% off an engagement with a 70  inch or higher,  samsung tv.
  • 50-75% off for a gaming computer or new macbook pro.
I would LOVE to give bigger discounts for trades but the cost investment on my end prevents me from doing so.​
All discounts are combinable on any package over 3 hours long. 
Packages under 3 hours can utilize 2 discounts of clients choice.
Cancelation fee's are only applicable when there has been no deposit.  If there HAS been a deposit please see refunds.

6-7 Days: of engagement. All related investment costs.  Wine, room, domestic arrangement costs.  Average: 250 

3-5 Days: All related investment costs plus 100 dollars
Average: 350

2-3 Days: 60 percent of engagement or All related investment costs plus 25% of engagement fee.  Your choice.
Average: 475

Under 36 Hours: 95-100 percent of engagement fee. 

NCNS (no call no show): 100% of engagement booked.  If this fee isn't paid you will be put on a blacklist for future engagements, and I will be alerting fellow providers of the NCNS

If you cancel over 7 days before the engagement no fee is necessary.
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