The recommendations I have listed below are as varied as they are interesting.  Each person is not a causal recommendation.  These are women that inspire me, breed intrigue, emanate beauty from inside and out.  I find them to be kind, interesting, and mysterious, and intelligent.  Some of these ladies I have met in person, some I got to know primarily online.  That does not diminish my adamant thoughts that you should get to know them.
Some of the qualities I look for when adding to this list...
  • Genuine/Real- From my experience every lady on this list is a genuine person.  They don't employ "characters" or "acting"  They are themselves.  *It's important to note, I don't think providers that utilize characters or persona's as bad, less than, or in anyway unappealing.  Most gentlemen that see me, favor a real person over a persona*
  • Kind Hearted-  Ladies (or gentlemen) that are kind hearted and sincerely care about their clients
  • Unique- there was something or several things about the lady that struck me as unique and curious.  They simply stand out from the crowd.
  • Different- They have just as many differences than I, as similarities.  From hobbies, body type, looks, type of companion, offered services.
  • Active- These ladies are active and available regularly.
  • Intelligent- I can't help it... I simply adore intelligent people.  These ladies specialize in a variety of intellectual topics.  I have had conversations such as string theory, quantum mechanics, psychology, politics, religion, ect... with each of these companions.
To find out more about each lady, click the box with their image and name.  Sometimes you have to click multiple boxes due to a bug in the system (That I can't fix no matter how hard I try)  Simply click another lady, and then return to the lady you wish to know more about. Click the name of the lady to be directed to her personal website!

By Location

By Name

Breanna Breeze
Becki Labine
Trixxxie Love
Las Vegas
Ginger Doll
Bentonville, AR

Honorable Mentions

If a ladies information disappears it does NOT mean I no longer recommend you get to know them.  It simply means I don't have the space and I may  have fallen out of touch with her.
It's Important to note, these are NOT advertisements.  These are heat felt recommendations for those that are enticed by variety, or simply wish to meet a new, fascinating, and amazing companion

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