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Screening and verification

Well hello!  Now that you have read all about me, it's time to let me know more about you!  Remember to be informative, discreet, and polite. 


Going through screening DOES NOT obligate you to any financial commitment or engagement commitment.  It will, however, give you access to the more interesting and detailed pieces of this website.  All information attained during the screening process is completely 100% confidential.  Discretion is paramount, in my world.  After safety is assured, all digital information is wiped clean. 


After screening, you will be given access to more contact options including but not limited to, periscope, snapchat, phone number, alternate (more discreet) email account (if you qualify), Instagram, and gaming profiles.

When contacting me please have your screening information ready

Three References:  Provider references are other women in the industry you have seen in the last 9 months.

Three provider references or more. (The more you have the faster the screening will go!) Your references must be well known.  Using references can extend the time it takes to screen you.  Sometimes it can take as long as two weeks for your references to get back to me.  The more you give me the more likely I will receive 3 returns quicker.  For fastest return on the references method, email me directly with the lady's website, profiles, and contact information.  Please remember to give me information that will help the ladies recall their engagement with you.

Provider references

1. Name:



Phone number:

Social media or other public profile:


2. Name:



Phone number:

Social media or other public profile:

3. Name:



Phone number:

Social media or other public profile:




Alternate Screening   (This method is the longest screening method and there are times I will not accept Alternate screening)


Alternate screening is, admittedly, very intrusive. If you are concerned about sharing your personal information, I highly recommend you choose one of the other screening methods outlined above. Alternate screening does NOT guarantee you an appointment.  It is intrusive and still manages to leave discomforts on both of our ends.  I may require a meet and greet prior to setting a more intimate date.  Alternate screening can take anywhere from 3 business days to 2 weeks.

PLEASE SEND THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION VIA EMAIL Copy paste below with your answers in the blank spaces.


For alternate screening please provide as much of the following information as possible.  The more information you provide the better chance you will pass alternate screening:

  • First Name______________________Middle Initial______Last Name___________________

  • Age________Birthday______________

  • Occupation_________________________Website with your name or information on it______________________________

  • Current residential Address________________________________________________________________________________

  • Previous Address_____________________________________________________________________

  • Phone number______________________________________________________________

  • Contact Email___________________________________________________________

  • Facebook or other social media site.________________________________________________________________

  • landline phone number that is attached to YOUR name_____________________________________________

  • Other helpful identifying options.......​

  1. ID or Drivers license with the license number covered​

  2. Picture of you that can be matched up to a social media site

  3. ANYTHING you think will help identify you.

  • Package Interested in:

  • Three possible dates of interest for our future meeting or engagement.​

  1.  ​


About you:

Please note, if you have a history of violent convictions, domestic abuse, or are listed on ANY blacklist, your application will be denied.  If you are a licensed gun owner, it would help to mention it in the 'about you' section.  Otherwise, it will likely throw up a red flag. 

I strongly urge you to fill out the "about you" This will help me determine if we are compatible and moreover help me find a more suitable connection if we are not.  Feel free to detail the benign and platonic reasons you are reaching out for.  This is especially helpful for those seeking long term connections and/or more aggressively inclined encounters.

You may be required to offer further information if necessary. All information party to screening will be held in the strictest of confidence. Information after screening is removed in entirety for discretion. 



Alternate screening

Twitter: @TheJayceeRivers

All Engagements must be confirmed at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time.  Unconfirmed appointments will be considered canceled appointments and subject to a cancelation fee and/or loss of deposit!
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