The limited Affair

Warning!: These engagements are limited in activities.  We will NOT be exploring intimate options.

Sometimes you just want to meet someone publicly before moving on to a date.  No pressures, no commitments, just a meeting of possible friends.  We can grab a bite to eat.  We can have a drink.  Ultimately we can decide if we have chemistry to explore other options at a later date.

I requested the Meet And Greet


This is a suggested donation, you can choose to do more or less, if I requested the meet and greet.  

You Requested the Meet And Greet


Meet and Greet

Don't want the pressure of intimate expectations?  Just want someone to cuddle up with and watch a movie/anime/scifi with?  I am your lady!  There will still be wine, of course.  Pajamas and cuddles for a night in, without the pressures of holding a conversation or preforming.

You Provide a location for our privacy


I Will Provide a location for our privacy


Pajama Date
Up to 4 Hours

You really just want a night out.  Or perhaps you have an event, and would love to have a versatile companion on your arms.  This package includes everything from the fake fiance, to a companion for a live show/event.  


Types of event can be but are not limited to:

SciFi Conventions

Movie date


Work parties or events.



The Ballet/opera/Symphony


Plus the expenses of our evening out.

A Night Out

A night of excitement.  For those that share one of my favorite vices.  We can smoke, drink, and gamble our night away!  I absolutely LOVE going to the casino!

You are responsible for my gambling funds


I am responsible for my own gambling funds


Subject to my financial capabilities

Casino Date
JStec025 copy.jpg
Up to 5 Hours

Want to have a short term sugardaddy/sugar baby experience?  This is your package!  Spoil me with dinner and shopping!

Up to 5 hours
1000 plus expenses

Donations are subject to change, however, are non negotiable.  Donation is locked in at the time of appointment request.  Donations are the same where ever I am unless otherwise specified.  When traveling, Incall donations and outcall donations are swapped.

News: Fully vaccinated.  Accepting select clientele, Donations have changed to reflect new laws and risks