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The Social Affairs
A note of complexity to our evening. Hover over picture for details!
(Please keep in mind, these engagements are designed not just for an intimate experience but also a social one.  Such as having dinner, going out together, or simply enjoying extended conversations)
All engagements on this page require a minimum of a 25% deposit


Fly Me to You!

Available to select clients with deposit

  1. Screening first.  References REQUIRED!!! Alternate screening is not enough.  References alone are not enough.  I will request basic personal information as well.

  2. First class airfare for flights over an hour and a half is strongly requested.

  3. Minimum of a 6 hour engagement from the Social affair packages. (Combining two or more smaller packages does not count, sorry!)

  4. If I am staying overnight (even if we are not sharing the accommodations) You must choose between the enchantment package or the dreamers waltz  package (some exceptions apply)

  5. Accommodations and associated travel costs required.  Accommodations must meet the minimum requirement of 3 1/2 stars. Privacy is required for any overnight engagement.

  6. 8 hours uninterrupted private sleep minimum requirement for every 24 hour period.

  7. 50 percent deposit required upon booking.

  8. Understanding about security and safety check ins is required.

Though some of the conditions may seem harsh, each was thought out thoroughly.  They aim to reduce

complications and assure a good attitude by all.  For such a lavish event, we want to make our fantasy 

escape as perfect as possible.

Please see policies for more information on deposits, refunds, and discounts

Additional Note: Long term and well known lovers gain a lot of flexibility in these requirements.  If I can arrange a second engagement the next day, you do not need to pick from a 24 hour package.  You need only cover my accommodations and associated travel costs.  (as well as whatever package you have chosen for our engagement)

I provide the location


You provide the location






1 Hour

90 Mins

2 Hours

3 Hours

4 Hours






Donations are subject to change, however, are non negotiable.  Donation is locked in at the time of appointment request.  Donations are the same where ever I am unless otherwise specified.  When traveling, Incall donations and outcall donations are swapped.

All Engagements must be confirmed at least 2 hours before the scheduled start time.  Unconfirmed appointments will be considered canceled appointments and subject to a cancelation fee and/or loss of deposit!

All travel engagements must be confirmed 3 days prior, and 4 hours before my departing flight time.
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