Wanderlust, a birthing curiosity on touring.


Upcoming cities of interest...      Chicago 10/25




Dates: TBA

How can you make this happen?

  1. Send a detailed email with all of your screening information.  Please make sure to note what city you are from

  2. Commit to a deposit if it's possible.

  3. Spread the word... The more requests(with screening and/or deposits) I get from a certain city, the more likely I will invest time and money into getting there.

  4. Have an idea of what kind of date you would be interested in.  Would it be long? Short? This helps me to gage how many engagements I can take during my trip.

  5. Send no strings attached gift cards for hotels and flights.


  1. Ask me if I will tour your city just for you.  If you wish me to travel your way, consider donating the fee's for travel or initiating a FMTY.

  2. Expect me to invest in travel, without some commitment on your part.

  3. Send a deposit without checking with me first.

I am fully vaccinated and opening the door for prolonged engagements and FMTY options again